Greg Bowering Sculptor



A native to Australia and living and working the greater part of the year from his spectacular studio near Byron Bay, Greg has worked in many fields. His varied experience has melded his antipodean upbringing and years of world travel to give him the inspiration to create his pieces of art.

His diverse skills and hard earned craftsmanship has allowed him to live and work in many parts of the world such as the West Indies, where he has created numerous installations and commissions. Greg also spends time each year in Provence in the South of France where he creates enchanting sculptures with a softness and sensuality that belies the hardness of the stone he works with. Other works can be found in other exotic locations including the Philippines and Italy.

Working in stone, wood and cement, Greg likens his original sculpture – a process of subtraction – to a meditation where one is focused totally on the moment, “I feel a flow of energy, by following this flow the form appears moment by moment”.

Early influences ranging from tribal art of the pacific, pre-Columbian Central American and African to Brancusi and Zad Kine as well as early Cretan 2000BC have combined with Greg’s own unique style and experience to give us the sculptures seen on these pages.

“As a sculptor I want to impart and stir emotion, so that more than just see the sculpture, you feel it, you feel the emotion, if I can do this, then I have succeeded”.

Greg Bowering


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