Different Mediums

The process of sculpture is one of transforming material, creating a new form through addition or subtraction.

I am inspired to create aesthetic pieces - ones that bring joy and pleasure to those that see, touch, wear or listen to them.

I enjoy and strive to create sculpture in different forms from carving or assembling found objects, metamorphosing materials like tanning fish skin, or by creating music.


Fish Skin Leather

Marine Leather, tanned fish skin is a durable and beautiful leather. After a stint of working in northern Australia on fishing boats in the early 1980's Greg saw a large amount of waste from by-catch of sea snakes that drowned in the trawl nets and from the skins of fish filleted that were thrown over the side.

My early years as a leather worker had taught me how to tan and so I started utilising the skins that were normally thrown away, gleaned from fishing boats, fish farms, and occasionally road kill.

The main varieties of marine leather used are Barramundi, Jew fish, King fish, Coral Trout and Sea Snakes.

Tanning, colouring and sewing the skins myself I do every step from the raw skin to the finished product. Similarly with the furniture making, the frame, the tanning and upholstering of all the pieces is done by myself, occasionally re-upholstering peoples favourite chair.